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Long Island's Most Trusted Wedding Vendors...Simply In One Place!
Why We Direct You
Why Long Island Wedding Guide Is A Trusted Source Of Wedding Professionals

In July of 2018 when Long Island Wedding Guide began we started reaching out to vendors we loved to see what they thought about a local directory of boutique wedding vendors where couples would be directed straight to the pros. No wordy profiles to read through, no lists to sort through, just a simple site without overwhelm! In our many conversations with vendors, one great Long Island photographer put our purpose into words..."I love the idea that you will be sending couples right to our Instagram and our website...It's like inviting them into our living room".  LIWG truly believes that our community of professionals should tell their own stories, and that their personality and style speaks to couples so much more through their sites and Instagram. 


Why is our guide so trusted? Because we have been a part of the Long Island wedding industry for over 16 years and working out in the field with them! We have a genuine understanding of couples and vendors alike, and we knew that a much more refined guide was a necessity to cut through the overwhelm. When we discover and list pros on LIWG that we haven't worked with yet, they have been vetted by us through an application process and invited to be part of our community. On LIWG you will find all of the essentials, the details and the fun that every bride and groom deserves and gets excited about while planning! 

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