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Fun And Sexy Gifts And Decor For Bachelorette Parties And Bridal Showers That Are Totally Unique!

The wedding industry needs a makeover when it comes to the “sexy” gifts and decorations we use at bachelorette parties or bridal showers.

Women deserve more empowering ways to celebrate their sexuality and body independence. Just because we’re getting married doesn’t mean we all want to see phallic signs that say “Same penis forever”, or play games like “pin the junk on the hunk.”

Source: Etsy Search 2023

To transform these special “people-with-vaginas-only” moments we believe Emojibator can elevate any conversation with fun ways to access healthy pleasure.

Emojibator vibrators are made with high quality medical-grade silicone, are affordable and designed to look gender neutral. Instead of phallic penises or the classic “rabbit” sex toy, we have body-safe, emoji-inspired vibrators including:

Our Fruit Basket 🧺 line includes eggplants 🍆 , strawberries 🍓, bananas 🍌, cherries 🍒, pickles 🥒, and chili peppers 🌶️! Or Animal inspired toys like 🐥 Chickie and 🐱 Kitty Cat.

Plus, we have a free rewards & referral program for sweet Emojibator discounts when you engage with our brand online and try our products. There’s no good reason to not give us a try! 😉

Our vibrators are wrapped in beautiful packaging and make the perfect gift at bachelorettes or bridal shower for several reasons:

1. Celebration of Female Empowerment: Bachelorette parties are often seen as celebrations of female empowerment and sexuality. Vibrators can be a symbol of embracing and exploring one's own pleasure and desires, promoting a positive and empowering view of female sexuality. Give Emojibator products as prizes for bachelorette games, or if you’re treating the bride to “sexy” gifts at their bridal shower.

2. Promoting Sexual Wellness: Vibrators are a tool for sexual wellness and self-care. They can help people become more familiar with their own bodies, explore their own desires, and enhance their sexual experiences. By giving a vibrator as a gift, you are encouraging the recipient to prioritize their sexual well-being. This healthy habit is extremely important for single and married couples so we encourage using Emojibator as a fun way to show up for your closest friends!

3. Normalizing Open Discussions: Gifting a vibrator can help normalize open conversations about sex and pleasure. By openly acknowledging and discussing sexuality, you create a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to talk about their desires, concerns, and experiences. Emojibator specializes in meeting many different experience levels, ranging from introductory to advanced and especially helpful for trauma-informed intimacy.

4. Personalized and Intimate Gift: Vibrators can be a personalized gift tailored to the recipient's preferences. They come in various shapes, sizes, and functions, allowing you to choose one that suits the individual's needs and desires. Emojibator’s gender neutral designs leave space for you to add a personal touch to choosing a vibrator which shows that you care about their well-being and pleasure.

5. Fun and Memorable: Bachelorette parties are often filled with laughter, joy, and fun. Gifting an Emojibator vibrator can add excitement and playfulness to the celebration, creating memorable moments and contributing to the overall enjoyment of the occasion. However, it's important to consider the recipient's comfort level and the dynamics of the bachelorette party. Not everyone may be open to receiving such a gift, so it's crucial to be mindful of individual preferences and boundaries. We always recommend gifting our products in cute wrapping paper so your friends have the option to open it when they’re most comfortable.

Of course we hope everyone feels empowered to learn new things with their closest friends. We invite you to help us spread Emojibator vibes at your next wedding, bachelorette, bridal shower or other group events & receive discounts on orders of 4+ products!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR LONG ISLAND WEDDING GUIDE: Buy 4 Emojibator vibrators, get 1 free. Up to 3 times per order! Enter LIWG at checkout to apply discount.



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