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A Magic That "Began From A Boy And His Beat Up Truck..."

With the purest of hearts and intention, this Long Island based couple started an unexpected business that literally took on a life of its own! All we can say is Lil Red Rentals stole our hearts with their creativity and zest for their craft in creating "one-of-a-kind" spaces for events and photo shoots! Lil Red are an American dream come true! Read on as Lil Red Rentals lets us in on their journey...


It all began with a boy and his beat up truck.  For two plus years, my wife Kathleen and I worked to transform an old rusty Dodge into what would become the center of Lil' Red Rentals.  With plenty of help along the way we had accomplished our goal in July of 2019.  Now what?  We drove around town, washed it, entered a car show, waxed it but did not find the satisfaction we were looking for after years of hard work.  It was a random request from a photographer in our community that changed everything.  After bringing "Lil' Red" to pick up our daughter from summer camp, our photographer friend asked if we would be interested in renting the Dodge out for Christmas photos.  It had never crossed our mind!  We said yes and that night began fooling around with an Instagram page and iphone truck pics.  Within 3 hours it was booked 8 times.  Eight times became 20 times and culminated with our 34th truck rental that year in mid-December. 

The truck wasn't the only piece that gained popularity among our growing collection that first fall.  We began compiling authentically vintage furniture, a lemonade stand and even a 1967 Hercules Mini Camper.  The best part is that almost every piece within our collection has a story. Our first Victorian sofa was built in the 1890's in British controlled India.  From there, it was purchased by a British family and shipped to London.  In 1900 that family uprooted, along with the sofa and settled in Northport where that sofa stayed until October of 2019 when we came a-knockin.  


The Spring of 2020 was going to be our big coming out party!  We had networked, accumulated amazing pieces and even secured two weddings!  Then, Covid.  We, like the rest of the event industry, lost all of our bookings.  The silver lining was that it gave us a chance to refocus on our brand and direct our energies into the restoration projects staring us in the face.  We converted the mini camper into a stylish mobile photo booth, built several backdrops and collaborated like crazy.  When LI entered Phase 1 on June 6th, we were back and immediately hit the ground running! 

Moving forward, we will not forget our roots.  We started as a boy and his beat up truck and will continue to focus on the world of vintage decor.  We can fill in the gaps for the major event planners in the industry with a custom made backdrop or provide and entire pop up wedding seating arrangement for over 60 people.  Either way, we're just happy to be a part of the team.


Brian and Kathleen Glen  

Credits-Click on their links to check them out:

All Furnishings and Truck Brought To You By Lil Red Rentals

Location For Couple In Pines Shoot: Prosser Pines

TeePee And Pines Photo Shoots by Monica Spengler

TeePee Model Allisa Rose

Red Truck (Holiday Season) Photo By Heartfelt Studio

Pines Shoot Makeup And Hair By Sam Ruh

White Camper Photo By Marisa Adrianna Photo

Red Couch Photo By Fireside Sparrow

Blue Sofa With Floral Arch By Doe Eyed Photography

Outdoors White Table Photo By Natalie Monar

Vintage Door Photo By Photos By Siobhan



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